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3 iPhone Shortcuts

We are all on our phones all the time, but here are 3 features that you may  not have realized you have. Caps Lock:  Want to type more then just a single letter in caps?  Simply tap on the shift key and you have turned on ‘caps lock’.  Select the shift key again and it returns to normal. Text Expansion:  Do …

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Technology Revealed Blog

Apple Consultants Network

We are very proud to say that Technology Revealed is the highest ranked member of The Apple Consultants Network in our area.  All 5 star reviews.  Thank you to our many customers who took the time to write about their positive experiences with our company and our staff!

Technology Revealed Blog

Apps for Parents

You told us you liked hearing about some of the applications we have recommended.  Here are 2 more free apps that are great for parents!  Prepare yourself before you take the kids out for a movie.  This apps describes the exact content of each movie from the number of profanities uttered to descriptions of every violent …

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