3 iPhone Shortcuts

We are all on our phones all the time, but here are 3 features that you may  not have realized you have.

Caps Lock:  Want to type more then just a single letter in caps?  Simply tap on the shift key and you have turned on ‘caps lock’.  Select the shift key again and it returns to normal.

Text Expansion:  Do you find yourself typing the same thing a million times a day? Go to Settings > General > Keyboard >Add a Shortcut. Then just enter the phrase and appropriate shortcut, and the next time you type that shortcut the phrase will appear. This is particularly handy for things like your email address.
Edit Photos:  Red Eyes on that great picture you  just took?  Just select a photo and from the upper right corner, select EDIT.  You’ll be presented with tools along the bottom row. You can rotate, enhance, remove red eye and crop.

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