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Saint Nicholas

Technology Revealed
is collecting donations to provide
Christmas trees to active duty and inactive service members from Connecticut and their families
through the Milford VFW.

A personal message from Frank Zabski

Please help Give Back

Christmas is upon us once again and I am going to start raising money for my charity called Operation St. Nicholas I started last year. The idea was simple, give back to a section of America I feel is grossly underserved and unappreciated, needs based US Veterans specifically.

Last year was my first year trying this idea out and to be honest it started out a little rough but in the end it was an amazing success. I was fortunate enough to give at least half the trees out personally and the stories I received from these vets was bittersweet. Some just could not re-adjust after their service to our country, some just have fallen on hard times and some just were grateful for what all of us (people who donated) were doing for them.

One conversation stuck out the most, it was a couple in their seventies and the gentlemen served in Vietnam. He was a very humble man and said he just did not talk about it that much and when he returned home and was treated not to well by some of our US citizens. He never asked for anything before but this year (2018) he and his wife fell on hard times and they could not get a tree unless we supplied it to them. I had to hold back the tears on this one. At that point I knew I had done something good and took a situation that was not great and made it just a little bit better.

My company, Technology Revealed is going to be teaming up again with St. Mary Christmas tree sales and donating Christmas trees to both deployed and inactive service members in CT. Depending on the donations received we are going to be at a minimum donating Christmas trees and wreaths decorated with red, white and blue bows and possibly gift cards like we did last year.

Any donations, however large or small are greatly appreciated by me and the Vets.

Thank you.