Celebrating 25+ Years in Business

Mac IT Support and Services
for businesses, small/home offices, and personal systems in Connecticut and New York.

Connecticut’s #1 Apple Consultants Network member with 5-star reviews.

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Company Overview

Founded in 1993, Technology Revealed focuses on supporting Apple workstations and devices in corporate and small-office networks (including mixed Windows/Apple environments). We’re very good at what we do, and are proud to be Connecticut’s #1 Apple Consultants Network member with 99% five-star reviews. We offer a large variety of IT services under different contract models that include Managed Services, Scheduled Services, and Hourly Billing.

IT Services

We can fully manage or aid in the management of your company's technology. We do everything from full site evals, to inventory control, software and licensing management, and help desk support.

Desktop & Mobile

We set up and manage new desktops and mobile devices, help integrate them into Windows networks (when needed), install required software, push updates, and connect to servers.

Server Support

From domain control to file sharing, captive portal, and NAS storage, the services your company depends on must be properly managed so they remain online and accessible at all times.

Network Setup & Admin

Determine if your network is functioning at peak efficiently, and let you know where improvements can be made if it’s not — before any failures bring your business to an expensive standstill.​


Hard drive upgrades to SSD, Apple data recovery, macOS and iOS updates, etc. For safety and security, these services are rendered only at our Milford facility.

Custom Projects

Not every service fits neatly into a single category. We can help develop custom applications using FileMaker Pro, design training sessions on a variety of topics, assist with seminars, and much more.

Mobile Device Management

We setup and mange all your mobile devices, allow for remote wipes, global updating of software, and security features for BYOD.


We setup, test and train customers on proper onsite and offsite backup possibilities up to an including cloud and onsite options.


We setup wireless networks that make sense, that achieve the fastest possible speeds, and that secure your company's systems and data.

Disaster Services

We can help evaluate your company's vulnerabilities, document plans for eventual disasters, put in place tools to help mitigate any damage disasters may cause and minimize recovery time.

Who works with us?

We’re proud of the work we do, and we’re proud to have clients who are willing to vouch for us. The following is just a small sampling of the many companies that we’ve helped over the past 25 years plus.