Sad Mac

Apple Upgrades

We can help you set up proper backup of your data, transfer data to new machines and attempt data recovery when the worst has occurred. See below for details.

Repair & Upgrade Services

Data Recovery

Since the beginning of computing, there has been one inescapable fact: disks fail. And when they do, important data is often lost. If that happens to you, contact us. There’s a very good chance we can help recover your data and transfer it to a new/healthy disk.

HDD to SSD / Data Transfers

Like old music records, Hard Disk Drives have spinning platters inside and a head that moves to find the right spot where your data is located. As you can imagine, this activity is quite slow. Newer Solid State Drives have no moving parts at all. They use transistor technology that is nearly 100X faster.

And we can help you upgrade your computer to use one. We can easily transfer your data from an old disk to a new one. This can be done to improve an old computer’s performance, or to migrate information to a new system.

RAM Upgrades

When you turn your computer on, macOS and any programs you open gets temporarily stored in RAM for super-fast access. This ensures speedy performance. If you don’t have enough RAM, then important programming will stay on your disk, which is comparatively slower.

A RAM upgrade could help add years to your computer’s life, especially in combination with an SSD.