Apple: 5 Fun Facts

Apple — 5 Fun Facts:
Here are some fun facts about Apple you may not have known about:

1.  Apple was founded as a partnership on April Fool’s Day 1976.

2.  Steve Jobs set the list price of the original 4K Apple 1 at $666.66. Fundamentalist Christians were quick to complain that 666 was the “mark of the beast.

3.  For the first 30 years, Apple was called Apple Computer, Inc. On January 9, 2007, it removed the word “Computer” to reflect its expanding electronic market.

4.  Today, twice as much revenue is generated from Apple’s hand-held devices and music than from Apple computers.

5.  Technology Revealed is the highest rated Apple Service Provider around (per the Apple Consultants Network).  TR’s experience with Apple products allows us to provide service and consulting on all things Apple. From setting up new equipment and creating reliable backup systems for your business to repairing that cracked screen on your iPhone. We have seen and done it all for 20 years.


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