3 iPad Trick and Tips

Take an iPad screenshot – 

Like the iPhone, you can take a screenshot by pressing Home and then the power button. Images are saved automatically in the Photos gallery. Then you can view or email them.


Turn off email alert chimes – 

You may want to turn of the email alert chimes on your iPad. Sure, they are a great way to notify yourself of when a new email pops in, but they can get annoying. To disable the email chimes, go to Settings>General>Sounds. Once there, you can turn the chimes off. You can also adjust their volume by following the same steps.


Use the magnifying glass –

You’re entering tex,t but you realize you’ve made a mistake a couple of lines back. You either fumble about with your finger trying to get back to the exact place, or you use the magnifying glass. Touch and hold your finger in the right area and the magnifying glass appears, enabling you to fine tune your insertion point.

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