Piracy Ransomware

Event Description:

New ransomware and spyware called OSX.ThiefQuest is active in the wild.

Details You Need To Know:

ThiefQuest is being distributed on torrent sites by being bundled with software like the security application Little Snitch, DJ software Mixed In Key, and music production platform Ableton.

This ransomware encrypts computer files, installs a keylogger, a reverse shell, steals cryptocurrency related files, and potentially gives the attacker full access to the infected machine.

Recommended Actions:

In addition to using properly licensed software on all your computers, we strongly advise maintaining a comprehensive backup strategy and to keep your antivirus software up to date.

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Posted By: Jason Goldfarb

Senior Consultant: ACTC, MTC, CWTS, GCA
Specialist: Mac OSX | Security | Networking | Mobility