Major potential problem with latest iOS update

Event Description:

We have been receiving anecdotal reports of end users who have had the latest iOS update (13.3.1) applied overnight and upon opening, those devices have been requiring 6 digit passcodes, even on devices with only 4 digit passcodes.

Details You Need To Know:

This change has the immediate effect of locking the device, and without the ability to perform and unlock, the device is effectively bricked. At the moment the solution for any affected devices appears to be a complete wipe and restore from backup.

As such we are stressing the absolute need to have a full and complete backup of your iOS device PRIOR to applying any software updates and/or patches. As some devices are configured to apply updates when the device is charging this could happen overnight without your knowledge.

Recommended Actions:

Please take a few minutes and verify that your device is backing up to either your computer or iCloud, and that your backup is recent and successful before applying any updates.

You can also turn off the auto update feature on your device by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update and clicking the slider for Automatic Updates to “Off”.

You can then wait to see if Apple resolves this in the next iOS revision.

Posted By: Jason Goldfarb

Senior Consultant: ACTC, MTC, CWTS, GCA
Specialist: Mac OSX | Security | Networking | Mobility



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