The iPhone – What’s Next?

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The iPhone – What’s Next?

On April 3, 2013, Posted by , In News, With Comments Off on The iPhone – What’s Next?

CNBC recently posted an  interesting article regrading the future of the iPhone and other smart phones.  In short, tech companies now aim to put the power of a smartphone into wearable accessories.  Apple, Google and Samsung are all creating a world of wearable technology that will do much of what a smart phone does and more.

All three  are reportedly working on a smartwatch and Google is completing Internet-connected glasses, called Google Glass.  It doesn’t just stop there.  Eventually, smart fabrics, which will be the clothes you wear, will also come to market!

According to CNBC, “Wearable technology is poised to explode during the next few years, with 485 million wearable devices projected to ship by 2018.”  Click here to read the full article