Is your computer getting forgetful?

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Is your computer getting forgetful?

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Here are a few simple signs that your computer could benefit from a memory upgrade.

  • You experience poor or sub-par performance in everyday tasks. For instance, a program doesn’t respond or seems to take forever to open.
  • You are having display problems, like when you pull up a page and it either partially loads or if refuses to load at all. You may see a blank space where data should be.
  • You get system notifications that say “low memory” or “out of memory”.
  • In some cases, the computer refuses to operate at all. When you try to open anything, the system will not respond.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, a memory upgrade may be in order.

If you are unsure if your computer needs more RAM, we can help you in our Milford Office.  Give us a call at 203.874.1468 or