IT is Needed Now More Than Ever

With today’s economy, and not everyone getting the PPP loan, you might be thinking about the future of your business. If you use a 3rd party IT firm to support your needs, a common thought is to relax a bit on support; only use them when there’s a serious issue. Do you really need IT? Can’t you just look up most repairs on YouTube or Google?

Ways IT Can Help

  • All that glitters online is not gold.
    There are malicious programs that are called Trojans. These trojans masquerade as real programs, like internet security, but they do more harm than good. Not only can trojans further infect your Mac, they can steal your information, track your location, etc. Having a good internet security installed and updated on your computer is a great first start, but sometimes not always enough. If you find yourself with malware on your Mac, your IT firm can scan and remove it to safeguard your data.
  • If it sounds like a scam, and looks like a scam, it might be a scam.
    Phishing emails are becoming more prominent, and are just there to steal your information. Always remember, never click a link in an email. Plus, a good rule would be to forward the email in question to your IT firm for a second opinion.
  • Updates are required
    To make your OS and your apps run more efficiently and securely, you need to keep them up to date. However, sometimes updates don’t always go as planned, and can lead to random issues, like an app not opening. For OS and app updates, the best rule is to wait a few days to a week before you run the update. With either case, always make sure you have a recent backup of your system before installing any update. Your IT firm knows your system, and can properly advise you on what to update and when. The last thing you need right now is to update the macOS, and then have to upgrade all your apps.
  • Accidents can happen, and sometimes a file gets deleted, or a computer crashes.
    There are levels to data recovery from recovering a deleted file to the more drastic, which is rebuilding a broken drive. As we mentioned above, having an up to date backup will make sure that no matter what happens, you can be back up and running in no time. From monitoring backups to restoring lost data, IT can be with you every step of the way!
  • Accidents happen on the hardware level too.
    Now that laptops are being used more inside the home, dropping a laptop, or unplugging it by running into the power cord are becoming more common. Sometimes replacing a failed hard drive seems easy on most computers. But without proper ESD precautions, the problem can become worse! Any good IT firm knows the importance of following ESD guidelines.
  • As we age, we need a little extra help to get around.
    If repairing a device isn’t worth it, not cost-effective or the device is too old, it might be time to just upgrade your device. Your IT firm can further consult with you on the appropriate ways to upgrade.
  • Education can help.
    Sometimes new devices require learning, and IT can help with education, online learning, documents, etc.

Knowledge is the Soul of IT

With most of us home working, and all the distractions that happen, it is easy to lose focus and forget to do a backup, or click and download malware. Most IT firms are equipped to handle such disasters! 

If you would like to discuss more your company’s IT future, please contact us.

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