You’ve Got Mail

America Online launched its DOS version in February of 1991, ushering in a new era of Internet connectivity and bringing that ubiquitous announcement “You’ve got mail!” Into nearly every internet-connected home and small office.

Fast-forward nearly thirty years later, and we know the Hell that email has wrought. Email has become the primary transport of unwanted commercial communications (spam) as well as the preferred delivery mechanism for phishing schemes and viruses.

Many of us have monitoring systems on our Macs to make sure bad things don’t happen. (And if you don’t, you should.) These monitors run silently in the background, letting us know when something is going wrong.

But these continuous scans are surface-level scans. From time to time it’s necessary to run a deeper scan of every file on your Mac to make sure it’s completely clean.

So in honor of AOL launching in February, we’d like to remind everybody that it’s time to for some additional maintenance. Specifically, we recommend:

  • Run a complete antivirus scan of your Mac.
  • Empty junk mail and trash folders.
  • Update operating systems and software.
  • Clear browser caches.

If you have any questions or don’t have time to deal with IT stuff, we know some guys who can help.

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