Daytona 500

At the Daytona 500, speed is everything. Fast drivers win, while slow drivers are left behind. The same applies to business Internet connections, although in their case, the cause could be just as destructive as the result.

Possible Causes of Slow Internet

Internet speeds could be slowing down to a number of factors:

  • The Modem/Router may need to be reset or upgraded.
  • There could be interference with your wireless network from external sources.
  • Domain Name Servers may not be operating correctly.
  • Excessive bandwidth may be consumed by unknown programs.
  • And more.

The fact is that none of these causes are good. Hardware failure can bring business to a grinding halt, interference can interrupt business operations and/or indicate attempts at intrusion, and excessive use of your connection may indicate that an intrusion has already been successful.

How to Check Your Speed

There are a variety of services that can check internet speeds. We advise selecting one that is “neutral” and not run by an Internet Service Provider (because there is a conflict of interest). is one of the most popular test sites on the internet. If the speed you’re getting isn’t the speed you should be getting, there may be a problem to investigate.

Run Speed Test

And if your speed isn’t what it should be, then contact us to help find out why.

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