Verify Your Updates

Old-timers once warned that updating before the next service pack would be released (often a year later) is folly. Why? Because more often than not, updates would break something and interrupt business operations… and because the risks of running older software were minimal.

Times Change.

Today we live in an era in which zero-day exploits shut down businesses large and small unless money is wired to an offshore bank account. Entire businesses have been held for ransom by anonymous strangers, and so our risk assessment has changed. Nowadays we update, and we do so as quickly as we can.

But even as we rush to click every update button, it’s useful to remember that the old wisdom is still true. Updates and patches are made by human beings, and they’re still prone to error.

Last month, Microsoft made an utter mess of an update, damaged millions of systems, and threatened many more.

Break the Cycle.

The facts are these: you can’t safely operate without updating, and you can’t update blindly. That’s where Technology Revealed can help.

We have systems in place to properly vet updates — and expert human beings to make sure that your unique business software mix is taken into account prior to deployments.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with us, now’s your chance.

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About Technology Revealed

About Technology Revealed

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