iOS 7

iOS 7 is the biggest visual overhaul of iOS since Apple introduced the iPhone.  Here are a few key features.

You don’t have to hunt for common settings anymore.
  • Swipe up from your iOS device’s bottom and you’ll come to the new Control Center, a place to get at some of the phone’s most commonly adjusted features.


A much improved, customizable App Store.

  • iOS 7 lets you turn on automatic updates so no more manual updates for  each and every app when that red notification number pops up in your home-screen icon.


Siri can now be a male voice.

  • You have the option of a personable male voice instead of what we have come to expect from Siri.


Multitasking is significantly improved.

  • Switching between as well as closing apps is better –  no more stabbing at those tiny red circles — now you just swipe upward, or swipe with more than one finger to close multiple apps. You can also use updates while they’re updating.


With this significantly different design, we recommend that owners of existing iOS devices wait to perform an update until they have some free time to acclimate themselves to the new experience  and to fully understand all that is new.


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