Backup Solutions To Get You Back In Business

The day after the unthinkable happens, could you still be in business?  Technology Revealed is proud to announce two new services to ensure you could.

Offsite Server Replication — 

Simply put, a clone of your active file server at a secure, offsite, backup generator enabled location.

For $249 a month, TR will store, manage and safeguard your physical replicated server at our state of the art facility equipped with redundant internet connections, UPS backup power, backup generator and the most knowledge staff in New England to manage all of the above.  If for any reason your server is non-functional, destroyed or stolen, the clone is ready to go at a location of your choice.  Back in business.  It’s as easy as that.

*Additional fees apply for setup and procurement of equipment, if needed.

Nimbus Workstation/Server Cloud Backup — 

Starting at $75 a month for up to 3 computers and 250 GB of storage space, TR will configure our system to maintain a back up of your most critical workstation/server(s).  If your hard drive crashes or server is stolen your most current data is safe and secure at our location!  All you need to do is supply us with an external HD or replacement computer and you are back in business.

TR can custom configure pricing to match any combination of needs.  Please find below our most common starting points.

250 GB storage Space                        Up To 3 workstations/servers                        $75 month

500 GB storage Space                        Up To 5 workstations/servers                        $140 month

1000 GB storage Space                      Up To 10 workstations/servers            $270 month

 Each customer will have web access 7/24/365.  This includes reports, usage numbers, account activity and the ability to restore their own data.

Custom Options Available

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About Technology Revealed

About Technology Revealed

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