What is SPAM?

Fun fact.   Most of us know that SPAM refers to unsolicited email sent to a large number of users.  Did you ever wonder what the word SPAM stands for?  Some sort of acronym for junk email?  An abbreviation of sorts?  Well, in this case, the term SPAM comes from an old Monty Python Skit. It has nothing to do with email! In the skit, a waitress offers the Spam luncheon meat with every menu item, and does so persistently 85 times.   Years later some techie coined the term to refer to undesirable emails that keep coming– and it stuck!

Anyway, the skit was funny, but getting a lot of  junk mail is not.  If you need help setting up your personal or business email system, controlling your junk mail or accessing your email from your various iDevices, we do it every day.  Give us a call and see how we can help you get the most out of your computing investment.



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