Thinking of Upgrading to Mountain Lion?

If you have an Apple computer, you may be thinking about upgrading to Mountain Lion, the latest upgrade to Apple’s OS X operating system.   It offers a list of exciting new features especially if you have more than one Apple computer, have an iPad or iPhone, or do a lot of social networking.

Before you… purchase it find out how much RAM (memory) you currently have in your computer. The Mountain Lion upgrade says it requires at least 2GBs, we believe you need a minimum of 4GBs and for the best results we recommend having at least 8GBs.  The reason being is all about speed.  We have had many people come into our shop disappointed at how slow their computer is operating after their recent upgrade.  We have found that at least 8GBs of RAM is the most optimal foundation for getting the most out of all the features Mountain Lion has to offer and will do it at a speed that you will be happy with.

Call us at 203.874.1468 or email us at if you would like to discuss getting a RAM and/or Mountain Lion upgrade or if you need help determining if your computer is even eligible.  We would be happy to help you decide what you should do!



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