New iOS, to update or not?

It’s very tempting when there is a new version of something to immediately get the first update.  For example, Apple recently announced that iOS 6 will be released this fall and excited by the new features, you may be planning on downloading it the first opportunity you can.  Our advice is to wait…just a little bit.

iOS is the mobile operating system that runs your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  It will have many new features, including:

  • Spoken turn-by-turn navigation.
  • The ability to ask Siri for things such as movie reviews or to open up your applications without tapping.
  • More integration with your Facebook contacts.
  • The ability to scan your iPhone or iPod Touch to check in for a flight, get into a movie, and redeem a coupon.
  • Enhanced call, photo, mail and Internet search features.

iOS 6 has all this and more, but don’t rush into getting it right away.  With any update, we always tell our customers not to be the first person trying it out.  There are always little bugs and tweaks that are discovered in the first few weeks of any release.  Give it sometime for these things to be ironed out.

You will save yourself a little aggravation and be more pleased with the new features by just waiting a few weeks. It is not hard to know when to upgrade to iOS 6. Do a little on-line research to see what the first users are saying before you download it.  You can also check back on our blog to see when we have downloaded it to our phones here at Technology Revealed.

Upgrading the iOS for a larger company that has many devices working together is of course more complicated. In this case, the upgrade needs to be part of the overall Mobile Device Management Plan. If your company would like to explore taking iOS 6 even farther, take a look at out our Mobile Device Management  (MDM) services. Technology Revealed offers a turnkey MDM solution for 10 -100 devices on a monthly per unit basis. Our system is quickly configured with your software “build” and images are deployed on iPhones, iPods and iPads to insure security and integrity of your information.


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