Technology Revealed or the Apple Store?

We are often asked: “What is the difference between Technology Revealed and the Apple Store?”

For a long time, we were pretty much the only game in town.  When it came to specializing in Apple service and support, very few places were completely focused on Apple products.  Then things changed.  Apple stores started popping up in Malls all around us. We had two options — compete with Apple or further strengthen our relationship with them.   We successfully chose the second option.

We have been referred by Apple stores in the Connecticut and New York region as a resource for business clients who need on-site support to implement and maintain their Apple hardware and networks.  We had some initial obstacles to overcome, including the fact that we were an Apple Authorized reseller and in essence in competition with Apple for selling hardware, but we made the necessary adjustments to our business, such as giving up our reseller status in order to focus our efforts on extending apple support directly into the offices of our business and enterprise clients. Through seamless collaboration we have shown our clients, and the Apple Business Teams who often refer them, that we are trained and specialized Apple consultants who are head and shoulders above the rest.

Stamford and The Westchester Apple stores were the first to give us that chance and our knowledge, experience and the service we provided their customers blew them out of the water! We have become an Apple Conslutants Network member of choice and have received referrals from every store in Connecticut and Westchester, as well as many of the stores in New York City.  We are pleased to say we have come to a place where both Technology Revealed and the Apple Stores not only happily co-exist, but have a healthy and symbiotic relationship that makes operating a business with on Apple products an enjoyable and reliable experience.

If you are purchasing hardware for your personal use or business, the nearest Apple store is the place to go. For warranty repairs, you can bring your equipment to either an Apple Store or Technology Revealed.  For out-of-warranty and legacy Apple repairs, data recovery, on-site business services, or that out-of-warranty iPhone repair, Technology Revealed is your answer.

If you need help setting up and maintaining Apple equipment at your place of business, you will find that Technology Revealed is a top-rated Consultant with over 33 reviews on our Apple Consultants Network (ACN) profile. We offer enterprise on-site service contracts to keep your Apple network running and our newest program for Mobile Device Management can help you deploy and maintain iOS devices and enterprise mobile Apps seamlessly and cost effectively.

We are often in the Apple Stores to check in on our Business Team friends. We hope to see you one of these days.

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About Technology Revealed

About Technology Revealed

The leading provider of Apple IT, support, and consulting services in Connecticut, Westchester County NY, and in New York City. Technology Revealed is a highly respected member of the Apple Consultants Network, employs a team of fully qualified Apple Certified engineers, and consistently earns rave reviews from its corporate and consumer clients.