Protect Your Computing Investment

People spend a lot of time researching what hardware to buy.   They read reviews and have lengthy conversations with sales reps about new versions and features.   However, there are a few simple steps that many overlook that would protect the investment they have made in their computers and iDevices, as well as save them heartache, money and down time.

1.  Backup Your Data.  We deal with damaged hard drives and data loss on a regular basis.  If you ever lost something important that you were working on, you know the horrible disbelief that follows.  Spend some time setting up a proper backup using an application such as Time Machine or Carbon Copy Cloner.  Once your backup is in place, you really don’t have to do much, except keep the backup drive plugged in and check to make sure the backup process has completed.

2.  Shut your computer down.  We are commonly asked, “How often should I shut my computer down?” and “Is it ok to just put my computer to sleep instead of shutting it down at night?”  This is really a matter of opinon. Some say that constantly turning the computer on and off throughout the day has a greater chance at damaging the components. While others say, keeping the computer running 24/7 and just putting it to sleep will burn out the components quicker.  We feel that somewhere in the middle works best.  Put it to sleep when you aren’t going to use it for a few hours, and shut it down about once a week.

3.  Use protective cases.  We see it every day – cracked and shattered iPods, iPhones and iPads.  In almost all cases, they were not in any kind of protective cover when they were dropped.  There are many excellent cases out there, you need to buy one, use it and keep it on!  We can’t tell you how many times someone has said, “I have a case for it, but I took it off for just a second and that’s when I dropped it!”  We can tell you for sure if you own an iPod, iPhone or iPad, you will drop it at some point.  It may not crack, but why take the chance?


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