How Did We Get The Name “Technology Revealed”?

We are asked this question all the time.

You may think Technology Revealed is an odd name for a company that specializes in Apple & Macintosh service, support and consulting.  It is not a cute variation on the words Apple or Macintosh, or an oddball tech company name like Yahoo! or Google, as you might expect.  It is however a name that is based on the heart and soul of our company.

Twenty years ago when the latest computer was a Macintosh SE and when a “Genius” was Albert Einstein, people did not know what to do with the growing technology phenomena.  The average business did not fully understand what technology could do for them and were not sure what to buy. Once they had a computer, they often did not know how to use their new equipment to optimize their workflow and make money.

Our founder, Frank Zabski saw this need and started Technology Revealed out of a small attic apartment. His goal was to reveal the mystery and deliver practical everyday technology solutions. He began consulting with customers to provide the best Apple solutions for their unique situation. He setup hardware and software, provided troubleshooting, and offered regular system maintenance and training.

Fast-forward 20 years. While Apple’s product line has dramatically changed, the focus of Technology Revealed is still the same – providing the most cost effective, reliable business solutions using the latest technology.  We currently have an expert-level trained and certified staff of engineers and repair technicians and a full time operations manager.

Today, Technology Revealed is one of the largest and longest operating Apple-only service and support companies in the USA.  We hope you take a few minutes to check out our website and learn more about what we can do for you!

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About Technology Revealed

The leading provider of Apple IT, support, and consulting services in Connecticut, Westchester County NY, and in New York City. Technology Revealed is a highly respected member of the Apple Consultants Network, employs a team of fully qualified Apple Certified engineers, and consistently earns rave reviews from its corporate and consumer clients.