Batten down the hatches.


Let’s debunk a myth right now: Macs are not immune to malware. 

Macs can be infected by viruses. They’re vulnerable to ransomware. They can host worms and trojans. They can be hijacked and controlled remotely. 

And according to AV-TEST, malware targeting macOS rose by 1800% from 2016-2018 (that’s not a typo). 

Hackers would not invest their time if the platform was as secure as most users believe.

* Fun Fact: 40% of all cyber attacks begin in China.

Next Steps

Additional Services

In addition to training users to employ good password hygiene, we can write complexity policies, recommend rotational schedules, and more — and we can enforce those policies by configuring company servers.

Even the most experienced person can fall victim to a well-crafted phishing attack. That’s why we offer additional aid in the form of filters, blacklists and whitelists, firewall appliances, subscriptions to security software like Meraki, and more.

Hackers won’t tell you when they gain access to your network via an exposed port. Some breaches go on for months — even years — before they’re noticed. A port scan helps to identify points of vulnerability that could be exploited. We find open ports and secure them.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The cost of a breach can be massive. In addition to financial losses resulting from the attack, there are hefty fees associated with cleaning your systems, regulatory fines to pay if you’re found negligent, and intangible costs like damage to your brand.

Technology Revealed offers a subscription-based product called Alert. It contains antimalware software that can identify malware at the point of infection and neutralize it. Alert also applies patches and upgrades to ensure that your system isn’t vulnerable. And if that’s not enough, it monitors your systems and notifies us if there’s any kind of problem. If Alert prevents one infection in 100 years, it will have more than paid for itself.