Network Infrastructure

Cabling & Cameras

Like coronary arteries that feed oxygen to our hearts, IT infrastructure often works tirelessly with minimal attention, maintenance, and support… until suddenly it stops working and cuts off critical services. And that is when real problems begin.

Cabling plays a crucial role in company communications; it connects computers, devices, people, and information. Cameras play vital roles in security, personal and property safety, loss prevention, and employee monitoring.

It’s because these components are so important to IT, that we’ve supported them for 25+ years.

Up to Code

Through our sister company, Up to Code, we’re able to handle all your cabling and camera needs. 

The Up to Code team receives vendor-specific training in the design, installation and certification of data, voice and fiber cabling.

Up to Code offers a lifetime warranty on our workmanship and materials. This includes any labor or materials from the patch panel to the jack in the wall for data, phone or fiber cabling. (Our warranty does not cover acts of God, terrorism or end-user destruction like cut wire, bent jack, etc.)
Every employee is sent to vendor specific training. We have been long-time members and supporters of BICSI and all our installers go through in-house training via the BICSI installer manual. (BICSI is the gold standard organization for telecommunications cabling installations in the US).