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Technology Revealed offers out of warranty Apple hardware repairs and software upgrades/updates at our shop in Milford, CT.  Our state of the art facility is equipped with all the necessary tools, properly ground work benches for static elimination and numerous testing stations to ensure your mac repair is tested properly and done correctly before you bring it home or back to your office.  No appointment is necessary to drop off your computer for a diagnosis.  However, appointments can be made as needed.  Our office is open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, closed on weekends and for all major holidays.  Our office number is 203 874 1468 or you can email us at


Apple Hardware Repairs

Below is a list of the most common out of warranty mac hardware repairs done at our office:

  • Portable/laptop machines (Air, MacBook, Pro, etc.) from 2007-2015 
  • iMacs from 2009-present 
  • Mac mini from 2011-present
  • Mac Pro from 2011-present
  • Other Mac desktops/laptops
  • Thunderbolt Displays
  • iPad screen repairs

Examples of specific repairs (not limited to the above devices) are HDD/SSD replacement, Magsafe board, fan, Superdrive, video card, RAM memory, speakers, IR, and bluetooth/WiFi/airport parts.

Data Recovery

If your hard drive crashes due to a multitude of reasons, there is a really good chance we can recover the data for you and get you back up and running again.  After the data recovery, we can install a new hard drive and operating system and copy your recovered data back to the newly installed drive.  It is recommended you bring an external HD down to our office when you come in to drop it off.  We can provide one for you, for a separate charge, in addition to the cost of the data recovery.


Go from the slow lane to the fast lane with a quick and easy upgrade from a SATA/IDE drive to the cutting edge SSD drive.  The difference between these two drive types is amazing.  Without question, this is the best bang for your buck upgrade you can buy for your Mac.  This involves picking the size drive you would like to have installed (we recommend the largest your budget can afford), copying your data to the new drive and then installing the new drive into your computer.

Data Transfers

Starting from scratch or losing all your data from your old computer when you buy a new one is a bummer.  Not anymore.  If you are buying a new computer or buying a “new to you”computer (used) we can transfer your data from your old machine to your new one no problem.  Everything is tested before you get your new computer back.

RAM Upgrades 

With the low cost of RAM these days, it makes perfect sense to install ample RAM on your machine and we highly recommend maxing out the RAM capacity of your computer, if your budget allows for it.  RAM upgrades are another repair that you can get a big bang for your buck.  Relatively easy to do and it will allow you to open up many more programs than before the upgrade and will increase the speed of your computer a bit as well.

Top Cases for Macs

Your top case can become damaged for many reasons or the trackpad can stop working or inevitably a key or two from the keyboard will come off over time.  We can install a fresh new top case to solve any of the above problems with ease.

Logic Boards

The logic board is the heart of the computer, it controls most functions including video in/out, audio in/out, hard drive, USB, optical drive, keyboard, wireless, Bluetooth and ethernet functions.  If one of any of these things goes bad then most likely the logic board needs to be replaced.  Most of the above ports are connected (soldered) to the logic board and individual replacement of components on the logic board are not feasible so full replacement of the entire logic board is required.

Video Cards

Although these are not particularly common to stop working, we have seen in recent years more and more video cards that are going bad in some 5+ year old iMacs.  Thankfully, we have the solution for you.  We can accurately and promptly diagnose a bad video card and replace it with a brand new card and you’ll be back in business in no time.

Technology Revealed and Local Apple Stores

Technology Revealed works closely with the New Haven Apple Store and the Trumbull Apple Store to help them out with legacy Apple hardware repairs for machines they do not support anymore or data recovery for their customers crashed hard drives.

Customer Reviews

What a few of our customers had to say on Google about our drop off repair service…

“Technology Revealed provided the best onsite MAC service I have ever dealt with. They quickly and expertly diagnosed the problem and then resolved the issue within two days. Their Mac knowledge is awesome and they speak in a language you can understand. The tech was personable, knowledgeable and professional. From now on – I will never bring the Macs in our high school media lab anyplace else. They are that good and that trustworthy.”

“We had a minor crisis. Our son’s computer stopped working and he needed it to complete a homework assignment. We could not be more pleased with the service we received. They told us to bring the computer in right away. We dropped it off in the morning and it was ready by the time our son got out of school for the day. Not only did they fix the problem but the computer is working better than ever. The entire staff is so friendly; we would recommend Technology Revealed without hesitation.”


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