Will your iPhone replace your car keys?

There is currently an Apple patent application that will allow an iPhone to act as your car’s smart-key.  

The smart-key idea uses a Bluetooth connection from the phone to unlock and start the car.  This can be done either manually or  it can sense when you are close and unlock your car as you approach it.

It also will allow you to:

  • Allow access to the car only during certain hours.  
  • Set maximum speed limits for the car.  
  • Set geoforce limits (not allowing the car to go on the highway or outside a certain area).  
  • Set limits to on-board entertainment systems while driving.
There is also a second patent that will use an iPhone to help find a car that’s lost in a parking garage.  This is more sophisticated then some of the current apps out there which do something similar.
As predicted by many, technology is on track to replace many of those things we carry such as keys and wallets and who knows what’s next.
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