3 iPhone Shortcuts

When using your iPhone, here are 3 helpful short cuts.

Siri can reply to an email:  When you have the email open, press the home buton until Siri asks what you would like to do.  Say “Reply” and you can dictate an answer to the email.

Taking a Screen Shot:  You can take a screen shot of what is currently displayed on your iPhone by pressing the Home buton and the Top Button at the same time.  You will hear the “shutter” which indicates that a photo was just taken.  If you go to your camera icon, you will find the screen shot in your photo album.

Battery Percentage:  You can get the battery icon in your iPhone’s top right corner to always be accompanied by an exact percentage that reflects your phone’s remaining juice.  Go to the Settings app, navigate to General / Usage, then switch on “Battery Percentage.” 

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