Retail Point-Of-Sale Systems

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Retail Point-Of-Sale Systems-

Apple iPad and Mac Point-of-Sale systems have exploded onto the market. We are very excited to offer POSLavu™, a cloud based POS for cafés, restaurants and boutique shop management.

POSLavu is a cloud-based Point-of-Sale system offered in a Software as Service (SAS) format. POSLavu provides a front-end, which employees use with customers to take orders on the iPads or iPods, generate checks and process payments.

POSLavu also has a “back-end,” which is a web-based interface for programming the various options. The back-end also provides administrative functions  available on any Internet enabled device with a basic web browser. This is so you can monitor key metrics such as, orders, revenue, best selling items, guest count, etc. from a Mac, PC, an iPad, or smartphone.

Contact us today to discuss your needs. We will be glad to work with you to design the latest customer-centric hospitality or retail experience to keep your business on the cutting edge.