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Technology Revealed, LLC provides affordable and professional Mac data recovery services to clients in the southern CT and NYC area. A member of the Apple Consultants Network, our Apple/Mac experts are capable of handling just about any type of data loss situation that may impact your Macbook, iMac, iPad, iPhone, or IOS device.

While Macs tend to be touted as being “safer than” or “more secure than Windows”, when it comes to data loss, Macs are equally as vulnerable as Windows PCs. Similar to a Windows PC, a user can accidentally delete files, or reformat the hard disk, or reinstall the operating system with detrimental effects to the data. The hard drive or SSD in any Mac can break down or wear out. If any of these things happen, Technology Revealed LLC is your trusted data recovery service in Connecticut and New York City.

Mac Hard Drive Recovery Services

There is no storage device that is immune to failure, including those that are found inside a Macbook or iMac. Hard drives have highly delicate internal components that make them vulnerable to many perils. Physical trauma, power surges or power outages, to name a few potential causes of loss, can wreak havoc on these delicate components. The delicate components will also wear out over time, just from regular use.

When a hard drive crashes, it typically requires a skilled data recovery expert to make the necessary repairs and/or salvage the data from it. The hard drive may need its read/write heads, circuit board, or spindle motor replaced, or its disk platters burnished. It may need its firmware to be debugged. Problems of this nature require advanced skills and a data recovery lab.

Mac SSD Recovery Services

The latest models of Mac computers have abandoned the traditional spinning-disk hard drives and instead, feature solid state drives (SSDs). SSDs are highly desirable because they are much smaller, have no moving parts and they provide faster, improved performance over the traditional spinning-disk hard drives.

However, data recovery from an SSD is much more difficult due to the complex flash memory they utilize for data storage. They are also a much newer product, therefore many SSD data recovery techniques are still in their infancy as compared to data recovery methods for the traditional HDD. When an SSD fails, it takes a certified Mac data recovery expert to salvage data from them.

Fusion Drive Data Recovery

Apple has its own proprietary technology, Fusion Drive, which marries a solid state drive with a hard disk drive. The SSD is fast but low on storage capacity, while the HDD is the opposite. Fusion Drive stores the operating system, apps, and frequently-used files on the SSD and everything else on the HDD, creating optimal speed, performance and storage. Intelligent software manages what goes where. When a Fusion Drive crashes, an Apple data recovery expert has to examine both drives utilizing advanced data recovery techniques to piece them together properly and salvage data from them.

Logical Mac Data Recovery Services

HDDs, SSDs, and other storage devices use logical file systems to keep track of the data stored on them. These file systems can become corrupted, which results in data loss. When data is deleted or a device is reformatted, this is referred to as logical data loss.

When the logical signposts that tell your computer how to find the data on your hard drive disappear, as they do when files are deleted or a hard drive is reformatted, it takes skilled logical data recovery specialists to retrieve that lost data.

Why Choose Technology Revealed LLC for Apple/Mac Data Recovery?

Our state of the art facility is equipped with all the necessary tools, properly ground work benches for static elimination and numerous testing stations to ensure your mac repair is tested properly and done correctly before you bring it home or back to your office.  No appointment is necessary to drop off your computer for a diagnosis.  However, appointments can be made as needed.

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