How often do you check your Phone?

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How often do you check your Phone?

On May 30, 2013, Posted by , In General, With Comments Off on How often do you check your Phone?

Does it seem to you like people are constantly checking their cell phones?  Well, they are.

According to a study by Mobile technology consultant Tomi Ahonen and commissioned by Nokia, we are so dependent on our mobile phones that on average, we check them every 6 1/2 minutes!

The study also found that:
  • Checking their phones is the first thing many people do each day and is also the last thing of the day.
  • People check their smartphones on an average 150 times during a waking day of 16 hours. 
  • People make, receive, avoid, or miss 22 phone calls every day.
  • They also send or receive text messages 23 times a day.
So it makes you wonder, how often do you check?

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