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The benefits of hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP) versus an in-house IT department has long been debated. As modern technology continues to advance at record speed, the argument in favor of MSPs is more prudent than ever. We’ll examine some of the benefits below.

Hiring a Managed Service Provider Will Improve Your Bottom Line

The number one and most tangible reason to hire an MSP is the cost savings benefit, which translates to a greater profit margin for your business.
• You pay for services rather than employees.
• You receive proactive network management rather than reactive repairs
• You have no operational overhead with contractors (payroll taxes, benefits, etc.).
• You have no training, continuing education, or certification expenses with MSPs
• IT expenses become predictable for budget planning.
• Back-up resources are cross-trained on your environment.
• Smaller businesses can stay competitive with enterprise-level IT support.
• 24/7 monitoring reduces down time.
• Less down time equates to increased productivity.
• MSPs save you 50% or more compared to IT-staff.

MSPs stay informed of the ever-changing technology climate.

No matter how excellent an IT staff is, they are typically too busy dealing with your entire infrastructure at large to remain experts on the latest Apple/Mac security, compliance, productivity, storage, or other Mac related trends. Conversely, a dedicated Mac MSP stays abreast of the most current technology trends, keeping your network functioning at the industry-standard, and often for less than the cost of one dedicated IT employee.

Managed Service Providers provide access to new technology at a reduced price

A Managed Service Provider’s fee will typically include access to the all of the latest and greatest tools as they become available. As a result, you won’t have to purchase these items independently, which reduces your IT-related expenditure on security software, anti-virus software, monitoring applications, and more. Again, an MSP proves to be the more cost effective option versus staff.

Pay for only the services that you need

An MSP can customize a monthly service plan that is tailored to your unique business needs. For a low monthly fee, you will be paying the MSP for only those IT services that your business needs.

Reduce risk and maintain business operations by outsourcing your IT maintenance and monitoring

As a business owner, you take several steps to manage your risk, e.g. property insurance on your building, life insurance on key personnel, legal review of contractual language, etc. Risk-management of IT is often overlooked, yet it is the one thing that can help you avoid a major disaster and recover quickly if/when the need arises.

Statistically, 60% of companies that experience a major IT failure end up going out of business as a result. Ensure that your business does not become a statistic by taking the right steps.

To this end, an MSP ensures that you have the benefit of proactive maintenance and the protection of round-the-clock monitoring. This includes a proactive backup strategy and regular security updates, two areas that currently present the highest potential for IT disaster. The bottom line is that your network infrastructure will not crash, your data will be not be compromised, and your business operations will be functioning optimally without you having to think twice about your IT.

Any disruption to your business can be costly in terms of sales, trustworthiness, and reputation. The effects of a compromised network have far-reaching implications that can easily pose insurmountable to many small to medium sized businesses.

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