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What We Do

We are a fiercely proud small business that combines hearty New York and New England rugged individualism with a visionary California outlook to deliver all that Apple Technology is so well known for. We are here to make your business better, faster and more profitable.

From New York to Boston to Springfield, our central Connecticut location and satellite offices give us the breadth to deliver successfully for our customers.

Technology Revealed offers superior engineering talent, efficient scheduling and guaranteed results… On time and on budget.

What Makes Technology Revealed Different?

1) Technology Revealed is one of the oldest and largest Apple & Macintosh only service, support and consulting companies in the country.

In almost 20 years we’ve seen many come and go, one thing has stayed the same. Technology Revealed. We have been able to weather all the highs and lows because we continue to offer simply the best Mac support out there. If you have been looking for a time tested, highly knowledgeable Macintosh-only service and support company, your wait is over!

2) We have a staff of full-time Engineers and Repair Technicians.

Many customers have told us that they have switched to Technology Revealed because they could no longer rely on a one person shop. All our Engineers and Repair Techs are full-time professionals who have been with us for 10 years in some cases, not hourly “hired guns” such as many other companies use.

3) We have a full-time Sales/Operations Manager and that means scheduling is done quickly, professionally and easily.

This is a critical piece that almost no other Mac service company has, someone you can talk to at any time during normal business hours that has the responsibility to get you what you need as fast as we can make it happen. We also have a direct partnership with all area Apple Stores, so if you need Apple hardware and software (including some third party applications) we can help facilitate that for you as well.

4) Technology Revealed has a level of service for every client from immediate response to next available time.

Our specialty is scheduled weekly, bi-monthly or monthly visits so we are constantly in front of any problems that could occur at your site. We realize that this model does not work for everyone thus we have a “call us only when you need us” option as well. We leave the decision of our response time up to you. Our goal is to get out to everyone as quickly as we can, so rest assured that if we have an opening in our schedule, you will be “scheduled in” ASAP.

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